Site Inspections, Assessments and Damage Appraisals

At the onset of a claim, setting the correct reserve is critical to managing the claim lifecycle. Quantify National Property Specialists can produce a timely, detailed, accurate and comprehensive report that helps you set up accurate reserves. Our specialists have years of experience and a keen eye to properly investigate, document, and analyze a property to determine the extent of damages and differentiate between damages caused by an insured peril or an unassociated matter. Factoring in market conditions and scale of economies, our specialists provide you with the most accurate scope of work and estimates.

Site Documentation & Scoping

Our specialists will detail the loss assessment with sketches, detailed measurements and documented photos to ensure the most accurate scope to capture the loss details of an insured property due to damages. Quantify specialists can collect, interpret, and report site information and conditions relevant to the loss. Our specialists are also familiar with local and provincial requirements that pertain to construction regulations, building codes and current cost applications.

Whether a property is affected by fire, smoke, water, impact, wind, hail, sewer back-up, or other, Quantify is the appraisal solution for you and your customer.