Bid Specifications, Documents & Building Code Reviews

Quantify National Property Specialists produce accurate and defendable scopes and specifications for bid tendering. Focused on knowing that projects need to be completed at the right cost with accurate details and timeliness, our specialists understand construction, restoration, building codes, bylaws, labour/material costs, and requirements, ensuring that our bid packages are thorough and accurate.

  • Develop detailed repair/rebuild scopes and specifications with drawings to incorporate into a Bid Tender Package to qualified contractors. General requirements of the project are also outlined.
  • Our inspections will help determine if minimum code requirements were met prior to the loss and what upgrades/changes may be required with local bylaws and provincial building codes, with consideration to the existing insurance policy coverage.
  • A bid comparison and analysis review will be performed with the competitive quotes received from the contractors to determine if there are any discrepancies within the disciplines and recommend the most qualified bid. A detailed recommendation report will be prepared and submitted for your review for the most qualified bid.

In the event of any supplements, we review them carefully to ensure it was in line with the scope of repair. We also offer to monitor the reconstruction fully to ensure timeliness, efficiency, and that the work is performed within the scope.